weighing in after the event

Being both someone who works with Derrida and regularly reads the blogs that I do, I picked a bad weekend to be out of town – or maybe a good one, depending on one’s reaction to all of this. (I can tell you that I was following along somewhat, and doing a lot of huffing and fidgeting.) Anyway, between my last short post and everything else that’s been said on and around Levi’s blog, I don’t think there’s anything for me to add (nor any real point in doing so). I will say, though, that I agree that “discussions” like this often get going more for tone-related reasons rather than substance-related reasons, and in my own experience the spark that lights the fuse is more often the dismissive-to-spiteful tone that detractors adopt toward Derrida than it is the hero worship on the other side. Of course, that’s not to say that reactionary defenses of Derrida can’t also get pretty spiteful…

But down at comment #86, which is where they are as of this moment, the spitefulness seems to be dying down, which is good.

UPDATE: This video pretty much sums it all up: if you think Derrida is an idiot who hates medium-sized objects, you need to correct your understanding before criticeezing him.

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  1. I stayed out of that particular fray. The Derridaphiles and -phobes (I am one of the former, mainly) seem just to talk past each other for the most part (as the cartoon illustrates). Better, much better, I think, to just go ahead and use the resources of J.D.’s thinking, without bothering to justify it to those who sneer, and without attacking those who have a less nuanced view. Because the way to make a more nuanced view more common is to show it in practice.

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